Bluetooth Speaker

This compact Bluetooth speaker packs a punch. Enjoy listening to your music in any office or living space with a deep and rich sound thanks to its metal housing. The beautiful colors and RGB spectrum ring will make this speaker be the life of a party. The compact design and long play time will make this the perfect speaker to travel with.


  • Metal enclosure to enhance the acoustic sound

    RGB Light up ring

    Rechargeable Battery Via Micro USB


  • Extra-large battery for extended play time

    Rechargeable battery via USB



  • -Item can be shipped in our Eco Friendly packaging

    -Shipping and Handling rates will apply




Style and Design

Color matters and we have spent years studying the fashion trends and Pan-tone colors to come up with a design that can fit in any environment.  Our speakers are designed with with an on board user control panel that will allow you to control the playback, forward / back skipping, and volume control when you are away from you media device. 

Sound Quality that matters

This small Bluetooth speaker can fill any room with rich wonderful sound. With a redesign driver to focus on heavy bass.

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